Succeed in Technology

Leverage Expertise

HIJ Consulting offers access to passionate experience designing and understanding technology.  Brendan has worked for a quarter of a century in digital businesses.  He’s brought a variety of server software to market, worked with companies of all sizes, and has developed technical standards with the W3C and IAB’s Tech Lab.     

Founded in 2019, we’re focused on helping you bring innovative technical solutions to market in the changing digital landscape, whether advertising, standards, or acquisitions.  Being immersed in the cutting edge of advertising technology and privacy, we can help you and your organization understand the trends to inform your strategy.  

Technology Consulting

Ongoing and one-off engagements available as product design advisor, especially in ad tech and privacy spaces.  

Executive Training

Intensive one-on-one training sessions that fit your schedule will bring you up to speed on the ad tech topics of the day.  Presentations for groups also available.

Extensive Experience

25 years of experience bringing internet products to market, with extensive expertise in ad tech, analytics, secure software development process, modern privacy requirements, and more.